Architectural approach to game development
Adagia is a video game development studio at the intersection of game design and architecture.
our clients:
Game design
Based on the client's assignment, we develop the story for the game, the gameplay, define the concept of game mechanics, and create the player experience.
Game art
We create unique 2D images and 3D models of game characters, objects, and levels, we develop animation, and design a user interface.
Game development
Adagia provides a full range of game development services – coding game mechanics in Unity, implementing game art, creating cloud databases for players' game progress.
Each of our projects begins with the development of a demo version of the game with basic functionality and gameplay.
We advise our clients on the game development process, helping them create a game development specification with a detailed estimate of the duration, complexity, and cost of each stage.
We create educational programs for universities, independent educational platforms, and enterprises.
Dasha Nasonova
Founder & CEO
Architect, game designer, founder of the Adagia video game development studio, co-curator of the Open Project of the Pavilion of the Russian Federation at the XVII Venice Architecture Biennale. Before joining the video game industry, Dasha worked in architecture, urban studies, and strategic consulting. Since 2018, Dasha has been researching video games in architecture, urban planning, and contemporary art, as well as engaging in various educational activities related to video games.

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